Raising Little Heathens

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The Cretan Seven Tiered Labyrinth

Labyrinths can be created by individuals as well as large and small groups. We make them on cement with sidewalk chalk in many colors. We build them in the woods, or plant them as gardens. A labyrinth on earth has a special power very different from one on cement or flooring.

For a wild labyrinth, you will need some sort of powder and a cup for each child. Ecologically responsible powders are cornstarch, flour, powdered sugar (the kids favorite choice), corn meal, or any other biodegradable substance.

Ten pounds of powder will make this seven-tiered labyrinth. If youíre in a camp where bears may visit, use powdered lime or gypsum. You can color these powders with powdered tempura paint. Donít color the sugar, because the kids eat as much as they sprinkle.

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