A Witch's Teat

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Iíd like to start out by saying that I tried to do everything right.

I was a vegetarian. I ate lots of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds and very little fat. I breast fed my two daughters. I meditated, had a strong spiritual program and managed stress well. I didnít use recreational drugs, like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. Even though my family history is rife with breast cancer, the women were all post-menopausal when they contracted the disease. (To my chagrin, I was 51 years old and still menstruating.)

Mabon is a really weird time of the year. On the surface, itís not a very important Sabbat. Itís the time of harvest, thanksgiving, balance. It is also the time that the Goddess seems to become peri-menopausal.

Sheís finished with Her duties as Mother. Her daughter has left home to learn her own lessons, and She has a mild case of empty nest syndrome. She, Herself, has gotten the explorations of Maiden out of Her system, and is ready to exercise Her role as Teacher. Being exuberant about this new role, She tends to overreact. She deals out catastrophic life lessons with joyous abandon.

It always seems the the most momentous things happen during this rather unremarkable season.

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